Friday, September 06, 2013

Plage(beach) de Beauduc road cairns near Arles, Provence, France

This is a Google Earth picture of the beach road going to Beauduc Beach (Plage de Beauduc) near Arles, France.  The blue stripe is from my Googling the route from Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France, to the Plage de Beauduc on to the coast from Arles.  Towards the beach is down and to the left. I used St. Remy because I was familiar with its location having stayed there for a week in
the spring of 2006.
Of interest to me was the little row of "dot"s along the road on its left hand side as we go towards the beach.  I believe these were the ones discussed and pictured (see above) on my blogging friend Lynn's Blog (link).  Lynn calls them 'cairns' (link) and was speculating on their origin.
I believe they were "planted" in the horse and carriage days to help keep the carriages from going off the road in case the horses decided to stray off the road on that side.
Google Maps showing a bigger picture of my route: (click picture for larger size)

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