Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recipe: Quick and easy Cinaman Roll White Frosting or Streusel Topping

This is one of my 'quick and easy' food recipes. I do have others. My most famous (published) is 'quick and easy Southwestern Stuffed Green Peppers. I also have published a 'quick and easy Apple Pie.'

Here goes:

Jim's Quick and Easy White Frosting

Recipe Ingredients:
(any brands will do, my
preferences will duplicate what my family likes)

One can of vanilla cake frosting
(I prefer Pillsbury Vanilla Frosting)

Two table spoons of pure vanilla
(I prefer a California source)

One half cup, packed, brown sugar

Chopped walnuts if desired

Recipe Preparation:

Heat in the microwave enough frosting for
whatever you are wanting to frost

When just barely melted stir in the vanilla and other ingredients

Spread or poor over your cake, rolls, streusel, or whatever

Let cool at room temperature until frosting is crusted

1. You can also stir in some melted cream cheese or other desired flavoring.
Some walnuts, cut up orange slices, or huge chocolate chips, or what ever you like will make a surprise coating for all kinds of cakes and items you bake. You could also embellish prepared pastry bought at the store with a mixture of sorts.

2. I may have a picture at a later date. I invite readers to e-mail in pictures showing how their creations came out. I can post some of the prettiest here. If you do this please give me written permission to publish here.

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